Therapeutic Mentoring (TM)

What is a Therapeutic Mentor and How Can They Help?

A Therapeutic Mentor, or TM, is a therapeutic provider who works one on one with the youth in the community, working on goals related to what the youth is working on in Outpatient Therapy, In Home Therapy, or with their ICC team. The TM works collaboratively with the OP, IHT, or ICC provider (referred to as the “Hub” for TM) as well as the rest of the youth’s treatment team in order to support the youth in learning the skills needed to reach their goals. These skills can include, but are not limited to: social skills, communication skills, emotional regulation skills, daily living skills, job seeking skills, and much more! The TM can also support the youth with needs at home and at school when needed. While the TM is doing work with the youth, it often happens in places where the youth has fun such as the park, library, community center, or other community-based environment, resulting in youth buying into the service in ways that they may not with other services. The TM maintains weekly communication with the OP, IHT, or ICC Hub so that all are on the same page and interventions can be adjusted as needed. They also become a part of the youth’s treatment team, attending meetings, and helping the youth’s voice to be heard among the team.

TM Eligibility

To be eligible for TM, the youth being referred must:

    • Have a Hub service (OP, IHT, or ICC) in place
    • Be under the age of 21
    • Have MassHealth Standard or Commonhealth with MBHP or BeHealthy
    • Live in a home, foster home, or community setting OR have a plan for discharge to a home setting from a group home or other out of home placement
    • The caregiver/guardian must voluntarily agree to the TM service

Make a TM Referral

Please complete the referral form: TM Referral

Please be sure that the OP, IHT, or ICC Hub sends the current CA, CANS, and IAP/ICP indicating what the TM will work on with the youth in order for TM services to begin.  Documents can be faxed to 413-707-3372 or emailed to 

Make an IHT Referral

Please complete the IHT Referral form:
New Patient Referal Form