DCF Private Landing Page

Welcome to the Lorenzi Health In-Home Therapy Landing Page for DCF!  Lorenzi Health IHT is committed to providing therapeutic intervention and support to all families, including those connected with DCF.  We look forward to collaborating with you in supporting the families you serve in reaching their goals!

Some of the ways that IHT can support DCF-involved families:

      • Preparing for reunification
      • Supporting youth in adjusting to a new home environment or change in caregiver
      • Supporting the family in processing and managing events experienced as a family (i.e., domestic violence, the loss of a loved one, incarceration of a family member, homelessness, etc.)
      • Family relationships and dynamics
      • Adjusting to changes in the home
      • Parenting skills and strategies
      • Communication between family members
      • Sibling relationships
      • Managing the youth’s behaviors
      • Supporting the youth’s emotional needs
      • Understanding one another
      • Practicing and building on skills learned in outpatient therapy
      • Building a natural and community support network
      • Ensuring that everyone working with the youth and family is on the same page and working towards a common goal

What is IHT?

      • IHT is a family-driven, strengths-based, outcomes-based family therapy model that takes place in the family’s home.  
      • IHT provides intensive family therapy to assist in managing behavioral, emotional, relationship, and other needs within the family system.
      • One youth in the home is enrolled with IHT, but IHT works with the whole family.
      • IHT is a team-based model including a Clinician and a Therapeutic Training and Support (TT&S) worker.  The Clinician provides family therapy and leads treatment planning.  The TT&S helps the youth and family to practice new skills and put strategies into place.  Together, the IHT team helps the family to strengthen family relationships, improve communication, learn new ways to resolve conflicts, and address the youth’s behaviors in the home.
      • The IHT team also provides support, education, and coaching to caregivers in implementing changes at home, in understanding their child’s needs, and how best to support them.
      • If the family has other services involved, the IHT team will provide care coordination to help ensure that everyone is on the same page and is doing their part to help the family reach the goals that they have prioritized.

IHT Eligibility

To be eligible for IHT at Lorenzi Health, the youth being referred must:
      • Be under the age of 21
      • Have MassHealth Standard or Commonhealth with MBHP or BeHealthy
      • Live in a family home environment
      • The caregiver must voluntarily agree to participate in IHT services
To Make a Referral for IHT, please complete this form: (The family will be contacted within 24 hours of the completed referral) IHT Referral Form For questions or further information about IHT, please contact: Jennifer Elkas, IHT Program Director, at 413-200-8585 or j.elkas@lorenzihealth.com