We are an independently owned, virtual therapy practice based in Western Massachusetts. We serve clients across both Massachusetts and Connecticut via telehealth. We are committed to helping clients with high levels of need. Our providers have various therapeutic specialties including mood disorders, addiction, trauma, children and families, the elderly, and more.

Our Founder

Ramon Lorenzi is Independently Licensed in the state of Massachusetts. He was inspired to create an organization with the goal of providing great services to clients by investing in providers’ education and career development. Many times the path to becoming an independent licensed provider is very confusing and difficult to navigate. Lorenzi Health, LLC invests in the success of our providers, and will make sure that all providers have the resources and tools they need to achieve their goals.

Ramon is a father and husband. In thinking about a company culture, he wanted to make sure that providers achieve a healthy work-life balance. Family, as defined by the individual, is very important in most people’s lives. That is why it was especially important to Ramon to create a working environment where people did not have to choose between going to work and important family events such as birthdays, holidays or sporting events. Lorenzi Health, LLC is an organization where providers can achieve their professional goals in a flexible work environment that allows them to take part in important life events while providing great services to clients.