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Online therapy provider that offers convenient quality services

For Our Clients

  • Safe, Secure
  • Privacy Guarantee
  • Client Friendly
  • Easy To Use Technology
  • Positive Environment

Company Mission: Clients will have access to quality services driven by a provider group committed to hiring well trained staff members.

Services Offered in: CT, FL and MA

For Our Therapist

  • Above Average Pay
  • Provider Friendly
  • Family Oriented
  • Positive Environment
  • Education Focused
  • Free CEU’s

Our Core Values:

  • Provide High Quality Services
  • Education
  • Mentorship
  • Career Development

Provide High Quality Services: We strive to provide professional evidence-based services to our clients.

Education: All providers have access to CEU’s to maintain their licensure and to learn effective interventions to use with clients.

Mentorship: Each provider has the opportunity to receive mentorship around private practice.

Career Development: We support our providers’ career goals and strive to help them achieve the next stage of their careers.

Supervision is provided to Providers who want to achieve their Independence License